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KIES Motorsports Crank Bolt Capture - F8X S55 F3x N55

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Introducing the all-new Kies Crank Bolt Lock!

Kies Motorsports Crank Bolt Lock acts to "lock" the crank bolt on the S55, N55, and N54 in an effort to prevent the crank bolt from backing out, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure. By locking the bolt into place, you virtually eliminate the possibility of the crank bolt working its way loose. Please note, by adding the Kies Crank Bolt Lock, it is still possible to spin a crank hub, however, it lessens the risk of the hub spinning because of a loose crank bolt. We highly encourage the use of this product in conjunction with a 4 pin crank hub upgrade.

With the Kies Crank Bolt Lock, we wanted to do something different than what's on the market today and it was important to us that we had the product engineered and manufactured right here in the USA. 

First, we realized that there were situations where we needed to put a socket on the crank bolt to turn the engine by hand, so we built in a 32mm hex on the end of our billet 6061 aluminum crank bolt lock. By doing this, you don't need to remove the bolt lock to do other engine work! Next, we designed a single steel washer to lock the unit down, instead of using 6-8 tiny washers. This ensures the best pressure distribution and ensures the easiest installation. 

The Kies Crank Bolt Lock is available in an 8 Bolt version for the N55 and S55 and a 6 Bolt for the N54. Please note that in some occasions, the N54 can have an 8 Bolt Crank Hub. We recommend physically inspecting to see if your vehicle requires a 6 or an 8 bolt version on all N54 engines. 


- Proudly Made in the USA

- Available in both 6 and 8 Bolt Options 

- Machined 32mm Hex for Ease!

- Precision CNC Billet 6061 Aluminum Kies Bolt Lock

- Kies Blue or Stealth Black Anodized Finishing 

- Stainless Steel or Black Zinc Plated Single Washer

- 12.9 Strength Alloy Steel Silver or Black Zinc Plated Bolts 


Please note, we designed the Kies Bolt Lock in a way where it will bolt right up to your crank pulley/hub with ease, however, in rare occurrences, the crank bolt may need to be slightly stretched. Please ensure that the provided bolts are threading into the crank hub with ease before a final torque of 40nm per bolt in a star pattern. Medium strength Loctite is highly recommended.