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Turner Motorsport

Turner Motorsport Skid Plate - Wrinkle Black Powdercoated Finish - F87 M2 Competition S55

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Since the F87 M2 Competition was designed to make impressive power in stock form (and loads more with upgrades) these cars feature some heavy-duty cooling hardware. In order to keep oil temperatures down (something many late model M cars have struggled with) requires a large oil cooler. BMW engineers positioned the oil cooler quite low under the car, positioned horizontally - an aerodynamic design that creates a vacuum force while driving, drawing heat from the oil cooler. The issue some of the vehicle owners have experienced is road debris from small branches to chunks of ice that have impacted the OE belly pan hard enough to crack the oil cooler draining the car's oil rapidly. Being one of the lowest points of the car, even a close encounter with a parking block can mean the end of the road for the factory belly pan - and oil cooler. Damage to the belly pan means reduced cooling, which can result in dangerously high engine temperatures. Once the belly pan is damaged, there is no longer any protection for the oil cooler, meaning damage to the cooler and a catastrophic loss in oil pressure may be right around the corner.

Designed using 8 gauge 5052 aluminum, this skid plate offers plenty of strength to protect your oil cooler. We also made sure this would be an easy, reversible upgrade by maintaining OE mounting locations and hardware that requires NO cutting or modification to your vehicle for fitment. Our engineering team also felt it was important to maintain some of the cooling features the BMW engineers spec'd out such as having a trim seal to fit snugly against the cooler edges to create the same vacuum cooling effects as stock.


  • No cutting, drilling, or modification required
  • 1/8” 5052 Aluminum skid plate construction.
  • 10 Ga 5052 Aluminum side pieces to save weight. 
  • Increased ground clearance. 
  • Integrated frame-mounted support bracket for maximum strength.
  • Included bulb seal maintains oil cooler efficiency. 
  • Retains factory air duct for oil cooler. 
  • Maintains wheel liner mounting positions.
  • Black powder-coated or Mill finish (T#:637536) options.