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Turner Motorsport

Turner Dual-Mount Differential Plate - F8X M2 M3 M4

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Putting down big horsepower or putting down hotlaps in an M2, M3, or M4 may result in differential bushing failure. Even street-driven, 100% stock cars without increased horsepower see failures in as little as 30,000 miles. 

Early cars (prior to 07/2018) utilize a hydraulic bushing that is prone to cracking, with a subsequent loss of internal fluid. This fluid loss renders the bushing useless, functionally allowing excessive slop in the differential mounting, which is felt as a clunk on throttle application, and possibly as increased noise and vibration while cruising. While no bushing is totally failure-proof (with possibly the exception of solid mounts, which are not appropriate for street use) stepping up to the Turner Motorsport Dual-Mount solution allows the use of a second rear-position differential bushing, which evenly distributes loading forces across two bushings - as opposed to one in factory configuration. Avoiding bushing failure is an important benefit, however in reducing driveline deflection our Dual-Mount Differential Plate also provides a crisper driving experience by removing unwanted differential deflection as well as reducing the tendency for wheel hop.

Our Dual-Mount Differential Plate is engineered to withstand extreme driveline loading conditions from both driveshaft input torque and half shaft output torque. During our design process, loads were calculated using worst case scenario operating condition assumptions and through utilization of laser scan/probe data for optimum fitment. Precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and type II anodized in Turner Blue for superior corrosion resistance and durability.

Following installation of the second bushing in the subframe (the location for the bushing is already there) the Dual-Mount bracket simply replaces the existing single-bushing bracket bolted to the rear of the differential. Differential removal is required for bushing and bracket install. Upgrading to polyurethane differential bushings is recommended.

Installation hardware is included.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2015+ F87 BMW M2
2015+ F80 BMW M3 - Sedan
2015+ F82 F83 BMW M4 - Coupe, Convertible