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CSF Toyota A90/A91 Supra/ BMW G-Series B58 Charge-Air Cooler Manifold- Machined

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With the larger and more efficient water-to-air intercooler performance, lower pressure drop across the system, included fuel rail, kit for top feed port injection, and several other industry-leading features, the CSF Super Manifold will allow B58 owners to maximize the performance of their vehicles and push the limits further than what has been previously possible with this new platform.

  • Faster recovery of intake air temperatures

  • ~30°F reduction of intake air temperatures (IAT’s) compared to OEM

  • Less pressure drop compared to OEM core

  • Puts less stress on the turbo system, allowing more boost to be made at higher targets

  • Avoided going into limp mode after prolonged demanding conditions, simulating motorsports use

  • On a stage 2 car with bolt-on upgrades, making ~400whp, comparing dyno run 19 between CSF and OEM, an increase of ~26whp and 11wtq were achieved

  • The performance increase and delta between CSF and OEM will be bigger as power is increased in the vehicle


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